Feel GOOD Friday Vol. 1


Happy funkmaster Friday, my friends. We made it. We’re a couple weeks into 2021.


What have you been doing for yourself to make sure you are feeding your soul and putting yourself first this year? We had a dumpster fire of a year last year. If I learned anything from 2020, it was that I am a strong woman. I was reminded of my worth, and the state of our world forced me to illuminate the things, people, and places that I should be devoting my own energy to. Because good lord, when life smacks you in the face, you’re reminded quickly who and what is meant for you.

So, I ask you, what ignites your fire? What sparks joy for you? Is it a place?—A memory you want to recreate with your friends when it’s safe to do so again?—A person? Maybe it’s a career you’ve been endlessly working towards. Whatever that thing might be … let it be your fuel. Because out of 2020 came a lesson that we can’t go it alone anymore. And that we are far more capable than we really give ourselves credit for. So if you’re looking for that reminder—here it is.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared a mix with you, so I thought it was time to drop y’all some nuggets of gold that I enjoy on the regular. Please listen to this from start to finish, I personally think it sounds better that way. BUT, as you know, I am a shuffle type girl (normally) so if that’s your thing, give it a whirl.

You are loved. Happy FEEL GOOD Friday.

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