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I had a chance to chat with Aestheticvibeys to discuss her latest release, what inspires her, and what’s to come in 2021. A 23-year-old born and raised Californian, tapping into a variety of genres such as indie and bedroom pop, Bri has a sound like no other. A little Lofi paired with alternative rock, and that voice, released on one of my favorite independent labels? Sign me up. I have had her latest release, “Fuck You” on loop since I was able to get my hands on it.

How long have you been making music? 

I’ve been making music since 2017! I started on SoundCloud in that year and then proceeded to release my songs on Spotify in 2019, which was very exciting and one of the best decisions I’ve made. (:

Who are a few artists that inspire you/your sound? 

The artists that inspire my sound are mainly Clairo, Mac Demarco, and The Strokes. I really fell in love with Clairo’s type of style. I love the idea of the bedroom pop genreā€”the idea of just making tunes from your bedroom motivated me to actually do it. When it comes to my music, my genres are usually indie rock, alt-rock, bedroom pop, and lo-fi, and it’s mainly because these artists are the ones that have inspired me.

Describe your creative process with your newest release, “Fuck You.”

I was initially going to do this song alone, but once I showed my really good, talented friend Lindsey Damis she wanted to include herself in it. I’m so happy she did because we gathered both of our emotions into one song. When We created “fuck you,” I wanted the lyrics to match the instrumental, which was very in your face just as much as the lyrics were. You can feel anger, sadness, and vulnerability in the lyrics, which we did to show people that it’s okay to feel these feelings and not be afraid to release these emotions. The message overall for this song was not to let anyone walk over you, to understand and grow if you aren’t getting the love and support that you’re worthy of receiving. This song isn’t only for romantic relationships but also for friendships or people we are trying to get to know.

Where do you see your music evolving in the next year? 

Hopefully, within the next year, I’ll be able to have the chance to perform on stage! I would also like to work with more talented artists on collaborations and spread my music to inspire people who can relate to my songs.

Tune into her music here.

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