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If you asked me to describe Mister Motivation in one word, I’d tell you I wouldn’t be able to do that because he’s such a uniquely layered individual. The first word, however, that comes to mind after hardworking would be authentically electric. See what I mean; that’s three words right there.

Meet Shaun Murphy, aka Mister Motivation.

Starting his humble beginnings in the heart of Barbados, then making his way to Brooklyn, Shaun is perseverance in human form. While he gained amazing growth serving in the Army, within three months of being back in the civilian world and starting his new life as a Veteran, he found himself homeless, broke, and in need of another pivot in his life. This is when Shaun transformed into Mister Motivation and the creation of theĀ 5M’s that have not only changed his life but have left a lasting impression on countless individuals who have heard him speak and taken his five-week ‘Wake The Beast‘ course.

One thing you can always expect if you get a chance to see Shaun speak or perform is high-level energy. His stylish presentations combine his music and spoken word poetry into his motivational speeches that really appeal to all ages and walks of life. He shares his story along with the steps, systems, and strategies he used to Wake Up, Rise Up, and Level up in life.

It doesn’t stop there, though, with Shaun. Today, on top of being a devoted father and husband, Shaun owns several successful businesses and recently released his first album, The Audio Collection (which also features his six-year-old daughter..how fun is that?)

I had so much fun chatting with such a hardworking individual who went from dropping out of school to joining the military and becoming an educator himself. I’d be remiss if I didn’t share one of the highlights of Shaun’s career and work with Teachers For America led him to be recognized by our President at the time, Barack Obama. If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is. With every word Shaun spoke, wisdom and lessons followed suit, and it was such a joy to talk with him about his work and gather some gems of my own to put in my toolbox for success.

Check out our chat below and learn more about Mister Motivation here. Thank you, Shaun, for sharing your craft with us.

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