Music Masterminds: ROK10 Productions

When I walked into the ROK10 Productions studio, I was immediately met with a warm, inspiring energy. From all of the instruments to the artwork and the positivity of the masterminds behind it all.. I knew I was in for a treat.

Enter Byron Morrison and Ian Cornele. The two music-loving producers/engineers behind the magic that happens at ROK10 Productions. When I first arrived, Byron was cleaning up from a late night of recording with a local rapper. It was clear to me from the start; these guys are always in the midst of creating beautiful music in a wide range of genres. Morning til night most days, but after speaking with them, I don’t think they’d have it any other way.

What I love about Byron and Ian’s work is that it’s never just one thing. They are so multi-faceted and really help bring your sound to life through the work that they do. They also work with various genres and skill levels, making the environment very collaborative and inspiring.

ROK10 Productions features an isolation booth, comfortable control room, live room, floating floors, local art, and, of course, quality equipment. And it doesn’t stop at recording/mixing & mastering services. They also offer custom instrumentals and podcast production. Seriously, if you have a vision, they can help you execute it (so well).

Working in an industry that puts people’s dreams at the forefront can feel daunting and intimidating. Byron and Ian have created an inviting space that encourages everyone who walks through their doors to push themselves outside the box to create something meaningful. Their approach is welcoming and I can see why they have reoccurring clients. Because they’ve created a space that sparks creativity and brings out the best in ones talents.

I enjoyed spending some time with them in their creative space. I can’t wait to go back to record a song of my own some day soon 🙂 Check it out below and learn more about what they offer here.

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