Sir Dominique Jordan: The Prolific One

Joy [ joi ] noun. A deep feeling or condition of happiness or contentment. Something causing such a feeling; a source of happiness. An outward show of pleasure or delight; rejoicing. Do you ever have moments in life you’re able to take a step back from and feel immense gratitude and happiness? Feeling the corners… Continue reading Sir Dominique Jordan: The Prolific One

The Ricky & Starks Show

Ricky Armellino is a songwriter, record producer, and touring musician from Lancaster, PA. Starting as a vocalist for several rock acts, Ricky started touring at 19 and stayed on the road through the majority of his 20s before taking a break to study under several recording engineers prior to starting his own studio in his… Continue reading The Ricky & Starks Show

Music and Therapy: One in the Same

Every day waves We’ve all been there: busy and hectic schedules, putting in that overtime, running your children all over town. Throw in after school activities, loads of laundry and don’t forget about prepping dinner. By the way-the rent is due tomorrow and the cable bill went up by another ten bucks again somehow because…life.… Continue reading Music and Therapy: One in the Same