The Art of Olivia Paige

Upon entering Olivia Paige’s studio, the energy is one of magnetic happiness and warmth. Bright natural light pours in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, glinting off shades of whites and neutrals throughout the space. I can only imagine how important an artist’s studio is to spark creativity, but I can tell you first-hand that hers ignites inspiration.

Growing up in the small farm town of Hammonton, New Jersey, Olivia has always loved being creative. Once she graduated high school, she knew she’d make her way out of the small town and into city life. Ending up in Philadelphia, her creative career started in fashion when she worked for Joan Shepp. From that point on, Olivia had a genuine love for all things fashion. She immersed herself in the industry, working in the Philadelphia and NYC markets.

It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that Olivia started diving into art. She felt a deep sense of healing when she created her work, as it is rooted in loving the skin your in. Her recent art show comfortably

It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that Olivia dove into art. Creating within this medium sparked a sense of healing, as her art is rooted in loving the skin you’re in. Her recent art show ‘comfortably UNCOMFORTABLE’ showcased her art on canvas along with sculptures and furniture pieces. A percentage of the proceeds from her show went to the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation. This show was a chance for Olivia to share her story and connect with others on theirs. Over 50 women were sculpted to be a part of the art series. Olivia put each woman in front of a mirror to take a deeper look into the person they are—into what they loved about themselves. Olivia noted during our interview, “So often, we run from our insecurities when really, we should be embracing every inch of ourselves, even when the society we live in constantly tells us how to act, dress, and behave.” This project has also reminded Olivia to break the mold that society has created, and she encourages others to be whoever it is they choose to be. You can see a glimpse of Olivia’s work here.

I had a chance to sit down with Olivia and get sculpted myself. It was a beautiful process that we got to connect over, and I left our session feeling loved, at peace, and happy in my skin. Take a look at our chat below, and thank you, Olivia, for sharing your craft with us.

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