Artist Spotlight: Whose Hands Are These?

Whose Hands Are These is a dynamic rock trio from Central PA. Formerly known as Cory Paternoster, their eclectic range of sound is full of relatable lyrics you’ll quickly find yourself humming along to. I got a chance to connect with the band to discuss the latest EP release, ‘Blue Nuance,’ that’s out today.

Name an album (or two) everyone should have in their collection.

Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin and Vs. by Pearl Jam.

If I were a first-time listener of your music, what would you want me to know about your sound? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

We pull our sound from a variety of different genres. We are all drawn to very emotional music, so I think that’s common ground we come together on. The songs we make tend to be boisterous and quick-paced, with melodies that catch your ear throughout each instrument.

How long have you guys been playing together? 

The band under the name Whose Hands Are These? has been going for over a year, but we’ve been playing together since 2018 as Cory Paternoster. Not as good of a name in any regard compared to W.H.A.T?

What can people expect from your newest release? 

You can expect to be there and back in no time. And once the ride is over, you’re going to wanna get back on and listen all over again.

Today is the day! ‘Blue Nuance,’ is out NOW! Run, don’t walk to go have a listen! You can even check out their latest video for Hurt Me to My So(ul) from this album.

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