B Sides, 45s and Good Times With Budget Wax

One thing I will forever be drawn to as a music lover is when a song has an interesting mashup or old sample intertwined with a new age flow. If you’re anything like me, you make it a mission to determine what that cool old sample is within the new funky beat. When one dives into the sounds of Budget Wax, you’re met with a wide range of obscure samples, smooth rhythms, and an overwhelming urge to bop. And while I’m not always so good at guessing those samples, it’s music like Budget Wax’s that reminds me to take a closer listen to the artistry that’s in front of me.

Brett has always loved music from a young age, picking up a guitar and playing around with friends. It wasn’t until his former guitar teacher needed someone to run sound for a gig that he got a real taste for sound engineering. From that point on, he was hooked!

Making his way to the south for his studies, Budget Wax studied audio at The Art Institute of Tennessee – Nashville. It was here where he fell in love with audio engineering. “It’s like being in the band without all the attention of people looking at you,” as he puts it.

When Budget Wax is not busy running sound at Tellus 360, you can find him and his wife, Steph, on the 1’s and 2’s as the DJ duo Country Fried Two-Piece. They spin all country vinyls for the country-western fans. Now, let me tell you; it’s not just country music. These two get the crowd to dress up and have fun with it. Who doesn’t love a good theme night?

What’s next for Budget Wax? More mashups, country vinyl nights, and top-of-the-line sound engineering, of course.

Tune into my chat with Budget Wax below, and stream him now on all music platforms.

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