• Mister Motivation Music
    If you asked me to describe Mister Motivation in one word, I’d tell you I wouldn’t be able to do that because he’s such a uniquely layered individual. The first word, however, that comes to mind after hardworking would be authentically electric. See what I mean; that’s three words right there. Meet Shaun Murphy, aka… Continue reading Mister Motivation Music
  • Music Masterminds: ROK10 Productions
    When I walked into the ROK10 Productions studio, I was immediately met with a warm, inspiring energy. From all of the instruments to the artwork and the positivity of the masterminds behind it all.. I knew I was in for a treat. Enter Byron Morrison and Ian Cornele. The two music-loving producers/engineers behind the magic… Continue reading Music Masterminds: ROK10 Productions
  • Hi, I’m Courtni
    Working in a wide range of different digital marketing spaces over the past decade, I have a thing for writing, creative direction, ad copy, video, and social media marketing. From competitive research to content planning based on trends to overall marketing strategy planning, I take pride in creating compelling, authentic content for all types of… Continue reading Hi, I’m Courtni
  • Sir Dominique Jordan: The Prolific One
    Joy [ joi ] noun. A deep feeling or condition of happiness or contentment. Something causing such a feeling; a source of happiness. An outward show of pleasure or delight; rejoicing. Do you ever have moments in life you’re able to take a step back from and feel immense gratitude and happiness? Feeling the corners… Continue reading Sir Dominique Jordan: The Prolific One
  • New Music Friday: Aestheticvibeys
    I’m back with my girl Aestheticvibey. I was first introduced to her music in 2021 thanks to one of my favorite LoFi labels, Lifted LoFi Records. A born and raised Californian, Bri loves to tap into a variety of genres, such as indie and bedroom pop. She truly has a sound like no other, and… Continue reading New Music Friday: Aestheticvibeys
  • In The Mix: Flapjaques
    It’s been a hot minute since I got to chat with one of my favorite LoFi artists, Flapjaques. A Chicago-based music maker, Flapjaques keeps it fresh and fun with every beat he creates. He was kind enough to make us another mix, and this one is a banger. We also had a small chat about… Continue reading In The Mix: Flapjaques
  • Discover Friday: Zodiac #717
    Zodiac #717 is a Lancaster local musician who recently released his first single, “They Said I Couldn’t.” It’s got a hard beat, and you can hear the passion behind every word he spits. He’s got a nice cadence in his flow, and I’m excited to see what else he produces. You can listen to his… Continue reading Discover Friday: Zodiac #717
  • Discover Friday: LoFi DREL
    Thanks to the internet, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing DREL for a couple of years now. I’m so glad I stumbled across his label, Lifted LoFi Records, and can now call him a friend. Based in Chicago, DREL works hard to support LoFi artists, helping them reach their full potential while creating music for… Continue reading Discover Friday: LoFi DREL
  • Discovery Friday: Stonehardt
    I love the great big world that is the internet. Thanks to it, I’ve discovered so many incredible artists, musicians, books, etc. It’s also exactly how I stumbled across Stonehardt. Residing in North Hollywood, California, Stondehardt is a LoFi hip hop musician whose music transports you to another dimension. With his wide range of sounds… Continue reading Discovery Friday: Stonehardt
  • Blues Magic with Bobby Gentilo & Carlos Elliot
    From the moment I set foot in Right Coast Recording Studio, I knew it was the ultimate playground for music lovers and musicians alike to come, create, inspire, and have a good time. With wall-to-wall speakers, drum kits, guitars, lava lamps, and keyboards, you name it, Bobby Gentilo’s got it.  Nestled in Columbia, PA, Gentilo,… Continue reading Blues Magic with Bobby Gentilo & Carlos Elliot
  • In The Studio With dead motel
    When I listen to dead motel, I hear a myriad of beautiful sounds, layers, and emotions. It’s the kind of music you can listen to while you’re driving or roaming about your home or when you’re having a self-care day. In other words, it’s music where any time is an excellent time to listen. dead… Continue reading In The Studio With dead motel
  • The Art of Olivia Paige
    Upon entering Olivia Paige’s studio, the energy is one of magnetic happiness and warmth. Bright natural light pours in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, glinting off shades of whites and neutrals throughout the space. I can only imagine how important an artist’s studio is to spark creativity, but I can tell you first-hand that hers ignites… Continue reading The Art of Olivia Paige
  • An Afternoon With New Constellations
    My fellow dreamer, photographer, and all-around boss lady friend Ashley was kind enough to be our Portland correspondent to chat with the local creative duo that is New Constellations. Meet Harlee & Josh; the masterminds behind the beautiful sounds known as New Constellations. A Portland-based duo who grew up together as childhood best friends, Josh… Continue reading An Afternoon With New Constellations
  • In The Clouds With moderndaydreams
    Meet Mark and Gianna. They are the masterminds behind the multifaceted operation of moderndaydreams, a creative fulfillment studio based in Philadelphia. When you first walk into the studio, you’re greeted with some fun artwork spread throughout the place, the daily projects that are underway, freshly printed t-shirts, and maybe even some k-pop blasting through Marks’… Continue reading In The Clouds With moderndaydreams
  • Five Minutes With Bunny
    Meet Bunny Hay. Based in Augusta, GA, her soulful sound had me hooked from the moment I first heard her music. I had the chance to chat with her about her latest release with Lifted LoFi Records, “Dusa Dusa” and what’s to come for her in 2022. Name one album everyone should have in their… Continue reading Five Minutes With Bunny
  • Artist Spotlight: Whose Hands Are These?
    Whose Hands Are These is a dynamic rock trio from Central PA. Formerly known as Cory Paternoster, their eclectic range of sound is full of relatable lyrics you’ll quickly find yourself humming along to. I got a chance to connect with the band to discuss the latest EP release, ‘Blue Nuance,’ that’s out today. Name… Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Whose Hands Are These?
  • B Sides, 45s and Good Times With Budget Wax
    One thing I will forever be drawn to as a music lover is when a song has an interesting mashup or old sample intertwined with a new age flow. If you’re anything like me, you make it a mission to determine what that cool old sample is within the new funky beat. When one dives… Continue reading B Sides, 45s and Good Times With Budget Wax
  • New Music Friday: Melissa B
    When I first listened to Melissa B, I was taken back by her soulful, powerful range that I felt coming through the speakers. Raised as a military kid, Melissa fell in love with music while simultaneously discovering salsa, meringue, and what she refers to as “my old school R&B music.” I was so happy to… Continue reading New Music Friday: Melissa B
  • Five Minutes With Unregistered User
    From the moment I discovered Unregistered User, I was completely captivated by not only the melodic beats but the range of sounds he creates within his music. Whether it’s a LoFi tune or a harder flow featuring a rapper or (my personal favorite) Alan Watts sample, each track is different, leaving you to want to… Continue reading Five Minutes With Unregistered User
  • Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Bergeland
    Vibrant, detailed, and thought-provoking—these are a few of the words that come to mind when viewing the work of Elizabeth Bergeland. I was automatically drawn to Elizabeth’s bright use of colors and wondrous life-like qualities showcased with every brush stroke. Elizabeth Bergeland is a painter and illustrator based in Philadelphia, PA. Shortly after receiving her… Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Bergeland
  • HOT OFF THE PRESS: Lifted Spring Vibes Vol. 2
    If you’ve been here from the beginning, you know I really love my LoFi music. In the early morning while I work, on a nice evening cruise around the block, and everywhere in between—it never gets old. So it’s no surprise that I was extremely excited to stumble across Lifted LoFi Records one afternoon while… Continue reading HOT OFF THE PRESS: Lifted Spring Vibes Vol. 2
  • Meet Jared Cody Wolf
    The creative mind behind Sober Zine—Jared’s work is raw, vibrant, and unapologetic. I have been a big fan for quite some time and finally got my hands on his Sober zine recently when he did another release. With every turned page, the reader transports to a different scene and a (colorful) moment that leaves you… Continue reading Meet Jared Cody Wolf
  • The Sounds of Futuresight
    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: If ever there was a video game that depicted my life as a space-cadet-robot fighting alien women in an alternate universe, the soundtrack would most definitely be created by Futuresight. Zander, also known as Futuresight, is a musician based in Lancaster, PA that started making music… Continue reading The Sounds of Futuresight
  • Artist to Watch: Ras
    A lyrical flow that anyone can vibe to, Ras is a rapper/producer based in LA that I discovered by way of my friends at Lifted Lofi Records. I appreciate his realness with every lyric, that has a melodic beat to match. He is one to keep your eye on for continued dope releases. Ras handles… Continue reading Artist to Watch: Ras
  • Life with Aestheticvibeys
    I had a chance to chat with Aestheticvibeys to discuss her latest release, what inspires her, and what’s to come in 2021. A 23-year-old born and raised Californian, tapping into a variety of genres such as indie and bedroom pop, Bri has a sound like no other. A little Lofi paired with alternative rock, and… Continue reading Life with Aestheticvibeys
  • An Afternoon with The Nielsen Family Band
    A self-proclaimed space country quintet, The Nielsen Family Band is what musical dreams are really made of. It’s the combination of dreamy guitar riffs, lyrics that pack a punch, mixed with the creative genius minds of five amazing musicians that make The Nielsen Family Band come to life. Meet The Nielsen Family Band The line-up… Continue reading An Afternoon with The Nielsen Family Band
  • Five Minutes With Alizée
    Meet Alizée, a 20-year-old Australian singer with a soulful voice and impressive range, and melodic beats to match. Alizée’s latest single, “Routine,” features Maryland-born producer, Sync.exe.  A follow-up to “The Boy,” released on Lifted Lofi Records, an independent loFi hip-hop label to keep on your radar, “Routine” blends Neo-Soul and loFi beats. And we can’t… Continue reading Five Minutes With Alizée
  • Gettin’ Juicy With Peachkka
    I dare you to listen to an intro of any one of Peachkka’s songs and not bop to it. You can’t. It’s not possible. Hooked after the first ten seconds, Peachkka comes in hot with authentic lyrics, a hypnotic flow, and catchy instrumentals. Peachkka is an independent artist and CEO of Peachkka Productions. Hailing from… Continue reading Gettin’ Juicy With Peachkka
  • Loren Press and ASC Productions
    I always really enjoy spending time with Loren for a number of reasons but when you get him talking about anything music-related, your bound to have a good conversation filled with facts you’ve never heard but can take with you for the rest of your life. This is why I enjoy getting to know Loren,… Continue reading Loren Press and ASC Productions
  • Guided Meditation with Reiki By Victoria
    The lovely Victoria, from Reiki By Victoria was kind enough to put together a beginner guided meditation for our listeners to flow with. If you’ve ever been curious about meditation but haven’t really known where to start, HERE is a good place! Victoria helps you settle into your own while teaching you tips for grounding,… Continue reading Guided Meditation with Reiki By Victoria