Blues Magic with Bobby Gentilo & Carlos Elliot

From the moment I set foot in Right Coast Recording Studio, I knew it was the ultimate playground for music lovers and musicians alike to come, create, inspire, and have a good time. With wall-to-wall speakers, drum kits, guitars, lava lamps, and keyboards, you name it, Bobby Gentilo’s got it. 

Nestled in Columbia, PA, Gentilo, an award-winning international record producer and musician, spends his days working with various musicians creating magic for folks like myself to enjoy. Born and raised in Washington DC, Gentilo lived and breathed go-go, a blend of soul, funk, and blues unique to the region. With that influence in mind, he creates a fuse of go-go and Mississippi Blues, and I must say—I can’t stop grooving whenever I listen to his fusion of sounds. 

Now enter: Carlos Elliot—a skilled musician whose energy lights up the room—he’s considered a pioneer of Hill Country Blues in Latin America. Residing in Colombia, Elliot frequently performs in the US while also collaborating and performing with Gentilo. In the past decade, they’ve made five albums together with multiple songs reaching #1 in Colombia. After finishing up their Mississippi tour, Elliot is back on the East Coast producing more jams with Gentilo for his upcoming album (which I got a sneak peek of and can’t wait to play on loop once it’s complete.)

To witness both of them in a room together is genuinely electrifying. From the rhythm and blues of the chords they play, mixed with their inviting stage presence, I dare you to try not to dance to one of their sets. You can’t. It’s impossible. The positive vibes that emulate are enough to get any person grooving. 

I was so happy to get a chance to sit down with both of them amidst their busy schedules to chat about their music careers, life on the road, and what collaboration looks like to them. It’s always a great time anytime I connect with Bobby and friends, and I knew this afternoon would be no different. It’s these connections through music that inspire others to create. Whether it be through this space or maybe picking up an instrument myself one day, it’s people like Bobby and Carlos that keep the motivation alive.

Check out our chat here, and thank you Bobby and Carlos for sharing your craft with us!

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