Episode 5: Summertime Shine

I know I can’t be the only person who feels like we skipped right over spring this year and are going to jump right into summer with this stay home order going on. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, and I don’t really feel like I’ve been able to enjoy it fully this year, but that’s okay! Any ounce of sun we get, I will get out and garden, hike or do something to ground me along those lines. The first half of 2020 has been extremely odd to say the least. But I am proud of my loved ones around me for staying strong, leaning on loved ones when they need to, showing love and a sense of community when we need it the most.

The past couple of weeks have been extremely heavy for everyone all over the country. Protesting police brutality and racism across all the US states, and then some. For George Floyd, and for all others wrongly convicted, accused, or KILLED based on the color of their skin. Something that I am disgusted to say we have to even still protest such a thing. Loving and treating all walks of life with the same respect is not a far fetched idea and it’s the only way we can move forward. We need change. We need it now.

We stand with you. We march along side you in the movement toward change and equality. We see you. We hear you. I will continue to educate myself and our future generation to lean into the uncomfortable conversations to really make strides toward change for the good of all. Black lives matter.

As we continue to protest and move forward toward change, summer is finally here. Slowly but surely, businesses are starting to open back up, the community is reconnecting with friends and trying to find their new normal. I personally am in no rush to get out and about, but it is nice to see things slowly start opening.

This is my favorite time of year to open my windows, let the sunshine in, and dance around to my favorite tunes. Whether in my house, or in my car, you can catch me playing this playlist all summer long. If we missed any of your favorite summer jams, drop them in the comments below and we will add it!

Have fun grooving! If you are protesting, I hope you partake safely – and thank you for doing the work.

Next month we will be starting our artist spotlight! We will be kicking things off with Shoyei. A Lancaster dance, house, underground dj and producer. You can check him out here and tune in next month for the interview and live mix!

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