Five Minutes With Alizée

Meet Alizée, a 20-year-old Australian singer with a soulful voice and impressive range, and melodic beats to match. Alizée’s latest single, “Routine,” features Maryland-born producer, Sync.exe

A follow-up to “The Boy,” released on Lifted Lofi Records, an independent loFi hip-hop label to keep on your radar, “Routine” blends Neo-Soul and loFi beats. And we can’t forget about Alizée’s dreamy voice—if you have not listened to it yet, now is your time.

Tempted to be transported? Listen here.

I had a moment to chat with Alizée to discuss her latest single and her plans to create and build her sound catalog.

Name an album that everyone should have in their collection?

To be honest with you, I can’t answer that, haha. If I could compile an album myself with all my favourite artists, I would. There would be a lot of Frank Ocean; Amy Winehouse; Brent Faiyaz; Tyler, the Creator; and some old-school RnB.

In your latest release, Routine, you have a nice blend of R&B soul and a bit of a LoFi flare which I always love. Can you expand a little bit on your creative process behind this song?

Well, I need to give a lot of credit to my producer SYNC.EXE. He’s an insanely talented producer from Maryland. Every song he produces just naturally brings out a soulful side of me. He had sent me the instrumental, and I just randomly started saying “routineeeeee” and it just naturally all came out from there. When the instrumental itself is flawless, it makes the writer’s job pretty easy.

You’re a young, bright, and hardworking 20-year-old woman from Sydney…what’s next for you as you continue to create and grow as an artist? 

What’s next for me? Well, I have a lot of projects lined up ready to be released this year, and I’m just excited to hear what people think. I have a lot of things I want to do, but sometimes I think it’s best to keep your goals to yourself—as if you tell people they sort of expect it from you if that makes sense? All I’ll say is I’m not slowing down ANY time soon.

In other words, there’s only up from here for this thriving young creator. 

I am so excited to see where this fascinating artist continues to blossom in her music and beyond. Thanks, Alizée, for sharing your craft with us.

You can pre-save her upcoming music here.

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