Gettin’ Juicy With Peachkka

I dare you to listen to an intro of any one of Peachkka’s songs and not bop to it. You can’t. It’s not possible.

Hooked after the first ten seconds, Peachkka comes in hot with authentic lyrics, a hypnotic flow, and catchy instrumentals.

Peachkka is an independent artist and CEO of Peachkka Productions. Hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Peach moved to London in 2013 to study Theatre and Performance Art. It was there she wrote her first play, short film, and a television pilot. In 2019, she graduated with her Master’s Degree in Performance Design from the top art and design school, Central Saint Martin’s.

Her work focuses on female empowerment and sexuality, living in one’s truth, person vs. persona, and duality. Along with music and media, Peach is a podcast host and producer, artistic advisor/coach, presenter/event host, and comedy writer. So, all that to say, she really is a full-time bad bitch, and I am here for it.

Peach was kind enough to let me into her studio to talk about all things music, personal growth, and her latest release, Still Peachy

A wearer of many hats, I can confirm Peach doesn’t just wear them; she makes them look insanely good. Thank you, Peach, for sharing your craft with us.

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