HOT OFF THE PRESS: Lifted Spring Vibes Vol. 2

If you’ve been here from the beginning, you know I really love my LoFi music. In the early morning while I work, on a nice evening cruise around the block, and everywhere in between—it never gets old. So it’s no surprise that I was extremely excited to stumble across Lifted LoFi Records one afternoon while scrolling through Instagram.

Established in 2019, Lifted LoFi Records is an independent label based in Chicago that showcases a wide variety of highly talented hip hop and LoFi artists. They represent some talented people with a range in sound, and I’ve enjoyed listening to and watching them produce quality grooves for the last two years.

“Lifted Spring Vibes, Vol.2” is the label’s second annual spring tape. Featuring 21 tracks that are full of a myriad of sounds, it’s the perfect mix to vibe out to on a spring day. What really gets me about this mix is that each and every artist featured has such a unique individual style. Putting them all together in one place so listeners can catch the fusion…well, that’s something I can get behind. Each track will have you boppin’ your head—and you can catch me flowing to the tape throughout my day. It’s guaranteed you’ll get that fresh spring air feeling! The full tape drops May 14th, but you’ll start seeing singles released on May 7th via Lifted Lofi Records. I’m stoked for this release. I know I’ll have it on loop from the moment it comes out—and I hope you will, too!

Curious about who is featured on the mix, check them all out below!

Individual Tracklist:

Ronny B Goode – Spring Daze
Will Coode – Half Past Midnight
Unregistered User – Empathetic
a.dapt – Flow State
Ant’s Beats – In the Clouds
Emily Ferrell – Froyo and Lily Pads
Just Steezy Things – A Night in Salem

FoePound McGinnis x LoFi DREL – Stay Lifted
E.T.T – Life’s a Garden Dig It
Brck.n – About you
Tonion – Magnolia
Jeffu x dcthebeatmaker – Strolling
Ras – Blooming
FoePound Production – Aquamans Mistress
Flapjaques – Allurmight
Blaiin Overdose – Chicken N Waffles
J.M – Morning Lights
Trebly – Letter
Charlie Calz Beats – Longer Days
The Missing Puzzle – Spring! Bice – They Sing

You can pre-save and learn more here.

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