Music and Therapy: One in the Same

Every day waves

We’ve all been there: busy and hectic schedules, putting in that overtime, running your children all over town. Throw in after school activities, loads of laundry and don’t forget about prepping dinner. By the way-the rent is due tomorrow and the cable bill went up by another ten bucks again somehow because…life.

Let’s face it, not every day as an adult is a walk in the park. Some days it feels like you’re so run down that you can’t imagine coming up with enough energy to do something positive for yourself. Sometimes straying out of our routine feels like too big of a big change, even if it’s just fifteen minutes.

So, what part of your day do you focus on calming down?
At what moment do you give yourself a break,
just a few moments,
to solely focus and let your mind relax at the same time?

For us, it is music.
So, I ask you: how does music affect your overall mood?

Therapeutic Beats

Music has and always will be a medium that has such an impact on so many people. Our bodies are in tune with music, particularly in the brain. When our body hears the rhythm of music, our heart rates actually become in sync with the beats. If we listen to something that is joyful or happy, our body produces natural endorphins like serotonin and dopamine.

In a nutshell, listening to music triggers physical changes in our body. Science and energy are hard to deny. Our cerebellum, for example, is activated by our favorite songs, which increases blood flow to our legs- hence feeling the need to dance!

Dancing equals exercise equals positivity-thus music therapy. In the brain and in your heart, it becomes your own real life music therapist.

According to The American Music Therapy Association, the definition of music therapy is “the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.”

Thankfully, we don’t all need to rush to a credentialed music therapist to begin some brain relief. There are so many things we can do at home to create a more healthy state for ourselves mentally.

If you struggle with depression, or anxiety, or just feel like you need a break, then do yourself a favor.

Sit down.
Turn the music up.
Close your eyes
and just focus on breathing.

Brain waves and science are real, people. Don’t ignore the incredible things our brains can do! Research has been proven to show that listening to music can cause drops in anxiety levels. It even comes down to certain sounds having a relaxing effect on patients experiencing chemotherapy. Music is a release for some of us (ourselves included!) to express our feelings in a different way when we can’t necessarily say them out loud. It’s the best feeling to be listening to something for the first time and has that, damn, I can relate moment.

Everyone deserves to feel that moment. It’s a connection to a stranger that somehow feels stronger than it should, but in the end, we all just want to be heard and understood.

Fun fact: Randomness in music is another thing that is linked to increasing dopamine development. If your mind gets to used to the same repetitive songs that you always listen to, it could dilute the neural network that is connected to the song for your brain. This is why it is good to keep your tunes on shuffle mode. If you have a few favorites, keep them on rotation so your brain is not a) getting to use to them, and b) your mind can constantly trigger the happiness, serotonin, and mood lifters that new beats and music can provide.

Next: What is Your go-to Genre?

Is it classic rock? Or maybe a little bluegrass? Maybe your go-to is classical Beethoven for all we know! That’s the joy of music… no matter how much time you spend, diving into new artists, albums, or pieces of vinyl, there is always more to be discovered. So I thought, why not start a piece of your discovery with me, in this space?

Here at Jam Hot Radio, we welcome new sounds, genres, artists, producers, of all walks of life to our platform. This is a space we can collaborate with. A space we can grow. A space we can expand our musical make up. Musical make up; that has a nice ring to it.

So what will it be… is it punk rock? Maybe your an acoustic freak. Or a jazz nerd. Whatever you prefer, we’ve got it all for you. So sit back, join in the conversation, and maybe even share with us some of your personal favorites that we can add to our memory bank of tunes!

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