In The Clouds With moderndaydreams

Meet Mark and Gianna. They are the masterminds behind the multifaceted operation of moderndaydreams, a creative fulfillment studio based in Philadelphia.

When you first walk into the studio, you’re greeted with some fun artwork spread throughout the place, the daily projects that are underway, freshly printed t-shirts, and maybe even some k-pop blasting through Marks’ headphones and Kaytranada through Gianna’s. If you’re lucky, you may be there on a day their team member Euro is in, who helps them with printing and design work. (Euro can also be found dreaming up designs for his clothing line, Simplistic.)

moderndaydreams is a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. Mark and Gianna have created a space dedicated to elevating artists and entrepreneurs with thoughtful, aesthetically-driven solutions to their e-commerce needs. They, of course, print products for brands—but they don’t stop there—they also photograph lines and drop ship items! They make life easier while offering state-of-the-art features and outside-of-the-box printing options that a typical print shop may shy away from. So, in other words, great detail or small, they have you covered.

When they aren’t slangin’ shirts, photographing new lines, or designing things, you can catch them at an art gallery boppin’ amongst the greats, critiquing every piece and enjoying every second of it. Both Gianna and Mark have an eye for all art forms but lean more toward the late 1800s era. A little bit of contemporary mixed with abstract expressionism is their favorite.

I recently had the chance to chat with the duo to discuss art, screenprinting, and more. Check it out below and learn more here.

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