New Music Friday: Aestheticvibeys

I’m back with my girl Aestheticvibey. I was first introduced to her music in 2021 thanks to one of my favorite LoFi labels, Lifted LoFi Records. A born and raised Californian, Bri loves to tap into a variety of genres, such as indie and bedroom pop. She truly has a sound like no other, and she’s got a new single out called “Crave You” that I’m pretty in love with.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making songs since 2017 and started singing since 2013! Two of my inspirations that made me want to make music were Mac DeMarco and Clairo.”

How do you get in the zone when you’re recording in the studio?

For me to get in the zone when recording I just sit down and start, somedays I can be inspired and other days I wouldn’t be so it’d be a lot harder to create a song. I think the thing that is important when making music is to not force yourself to create music, let it come to you, and eventually, you’ll feel like that song you created is the song you want to share.”

I love the latest release, “Crave You.” It’s dreamy, and I feel transported to another space and time. I love that. Tell us a little bit more about your creative process on this song. What can listeners expect?

Thank you so much! Yeah so basically with this song I just did it instantly. Once  I was done with the song I knew I wanted to put it out but as always sometimes I doubt myself.. I think it’s a common thing that we as humans do. Because I doubted myself I ended up making the vocal pitch higher which made me like the song a lot more to release it. This song is about knowing and realizing your self-worth when it comes to someone being unavailable. I think sometimes we are too focused on what our heart wants and not what we actually need. Sometimes we even listen to our heart knowing it’ll affect us mentally. So what listeners can expect through this song is just a lot of self-loving, self-worth and the realization that you shouldn’t force yourself to be in a situation that’s going to hurt your heart in the end. “

What’s your biggest goal for 2023?

My biggest goal for 2023 is to reach more people with my music as well as create more collaborations with other talented artists! 2023 will also be the start of me creating and working on an album that I’ve been wanting to do for the longest. “

Check out Aestheticvibeys latest release, “Crave You,” on all streaming platforms now, and make sure you follow along with her adventures because she’s really just getting started. Thank you, Bri, for sharing your craft with us.

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