Staying Rooted With Reiki By Victoria

When you first meet Victoria, one is greeted with an authentic smile, heartwarming demeanor, and genuine open connection that holds space for all walks of life. I think that’s maybe why I was so drawn to connect with her outside of the lovely Reiki session I had with her that my dear friend Nicole gifted me. She is real. She is authentic. And she is living her truth. She is what I like to refer to as a lightworker. In my opinion, the world could use a lot more lightworkers. But, when you find them, the real ones, you hold them close. You learn from them. And you share their light (and maybe your own), in ways that may help others illuminate in themselves the spark they forgot they possessed in the first place.

Victoria is a reiki healer based in Westchester NY who has been building her spiritual practices for 5 years and counting.

Reiki is a healing modality in which one channels life force energy to cleanse, clear, and activate the receiver’s chakras and soul. Victoria taps into her intuitive senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience, so her sessions are more than just an energy tune-up. She works with the recipient’s Higher Self, Inner Child, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, etc. (Goddess’s, Fairies, Mermaids, Lemurians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians; ETC). You see, each person has their own “blueprint” and depending on their soul contracts, individuality, sources, personality, etc- These light and star families all show themselves differently to Victoria. A full session is between 90-120 minutes and is ALWAYS in the greatest & highest good of ALL on that day. This is Victoria’s highest priority – the integrity and well-intention of each session.

When Victoria is not in a reiki session, she is probably dreaming up her next community circle with her sister Valerie, with whom she shares a joint venture called, Share Cacao. They have been sitting in ceremony with KAKAO  for about 3 years. Kakao is a beautiful heart-opening plant medicine that leads to a deep connection to unity consciousness (the self, others, and nature), heart-centered living (and business) all while sparking amazing creativity.

Valerie and Victoria Sharecacao

Victoria and Valerie completed KAKAO’s Facilitator Training Program in May 2020 and within a couple of months, began hosting in-person ceremonies in our local community. They were able to provide an awesome way to connect others within their community, as well as create new communities, especially during this time of disconnection for so many. They intend to grow these communities deeper, and wider. V+V have just launched their first “SISTAR” community, in which anyone can join via Zoom for 8 cacao ceremonies per month while meeting and connecting deeply with other heart-centric and like-minded people. See their page for more information.

Photo by: Joy via Kakao Drinking Chocolate

Oh, did you think that was all? I could have stopped there and Victoria would remain a magical special human but alas, another piece to her growing practice- Little Lights Curriculum.

Little Lights is a program Victoria has developed for children centered around one’s inner LIGHT- acknowledging each child as an individual soul. She developed the tangible foundations for this while teaching at a pre-k in her area. The Curriculum is still growing but includes holding 1-1 mindful mentoring sessions for local children in Victoria’s area  – in which they partake in yoga, read stories, crafts, and enjoy little moments of meditation together (ages ranges between 4.5 and 10). Due to COVID her visions of hosting local workshops has been “on pause” but other curriculum ideas, (children’s books and even some mindful toys/tools to be used inside of classrooms as well as at home) continue to bloom and will be ready to blossom once events are a bit easier to hold for the community.

With Victoria’s main pillars being love, light, chakras, and gratitude, she will continue to teach and lead not only children in exploring within their own light and souls but adults alike. If there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far knowing and working with Victoria, it’s that it is so important to stay true to yourself. It’s so important to listen to (and feed) your inner child. To stay rooted and to breathe. I am so happy I got to sit down with Victoria and discuss her healing work even further. She was also kind enough to create a guided meditation for us. So, to anyone who has ever been interested in meditation but may not know where to start; here you go! I will be sharing that piece soon. Please tune in below, and thank you Victoria for sharing your light!

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