The Ricky & Starks Show

Ricky Armellino is a songwriter, record producer, and touring musician from Lancaster, PA. Starting as a vocalist for several rock acts, Ricky started touring at 19 and stayed on the road through the majority of his 20s before taking a break to study under several recording engineers prior to starting his own studio in his hometown. In addition to working as a producer, he now tours periodically as a rhythm guitarist and backing singer for the Billboard charting Ice Nine Kills and releases self-produced music and videos with HAWK.

Photo credit: Dearohwell Photography

On a typical day, you’ll find Ricky starting his morning off with lessons for a wide variety of talent. From there, his day can vary a number of ways based on who may be coming into town to work with him. Whether it be singing, producing, or songwriting, Armellino brings a breath of fresh air and innovation to the creative process for every artist that walks through his doors. With a vibey in-house studio, equipped with everything you need to record an album cover to cover, Ricky’s space is every music lover’s dream.

Then, I met his crew.

Starks is the little man of the fun-house. He has the world’s best personality and is always sure to greet every guest with a bark while leading the way to the studio without missing a beat. Ricky’s fans have been asking for some Starks merch and, well, he delivered. Or should I say, Starks delivered with the help of artist Skyla who made the artwork for Starks merch, Starksbucks Coffee come to life! You can check out the sweet digs here while they are still up for preorder!

Then, you have Jack working mostly on guitars (but is well versed in the other layers Ricky manages), and Adam who specializes in drums, mixing, and video production. I am not kidding when I say these guys are insanely talented individuals to nerd out over music with. I look forward to watching their work continue to grow not only for their clients but their band Hawk who just recently released their EP Tolerance’s Paradox. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll go watch the music video for Clvrmfkr while we’re on the subject.

I had a chance to sit down with Ricky (and Starks) to discuss his creative process, touring, and current projects he’s working on. Check out the full interview below and thank you, Mr. Armellino, for sharing your amazingly refreshing creative brain with the world.

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